Monday, March 26, 2012


Needless to say last weekend was a major milestone for Stewie and I. It was the one year anniversary of my 3rd trimester and his fall with Boyd that left many unknowns. It has been an exciting and stressful year, and I am so happy how the weekend went! First of all, our little girl Hailey was with me all weekend, and was the best lucky charm. (Thank you Katie Peoples for the help babysitting all weekend!) And while Stewie did not start off great, he finished strong. Apparently being able to see the training xc did not benefit us, and we scored a 42. My disappointment, however, did not last long, as he jumped brilliantly around a very difficult xc track. Saturday morning I was so happy to be sitting on that little jumping bean!
Go Stewie!! Thanks Ashley Keller for the pic!

Sunday was also successful as Stewie jumped superbly around Marc Donovan's sj course. The rail at 4A was pilot error, and luckily Stewie forgave me later. Students Maxine Preston and Tracie Marino had solid performances too. Tracie finished her first event post-baby, which speaking from personal experience, is tough! Maxine was 8th in her 2nd prelim, and she and Ned had outstanding jumping rounds. I am very proud how far Maxine has come as a rider and competitor. She has only scratched the surface!

I need to say "thank you" to my good friends Pooh Hoblitzell and Theresa Foote who came for the weekend. Pooh's knowledge is so useful behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly with the care of an advanced horse. She never misses a beat and I am grateful for all her help. Theresa was every one's cheerleader and chef, and what felt at times, my personal assistant. I am thinking of marrying her. (I hope Chuck does not mind). Speaking of Chuck, I was happy he was there to share in the monumental weekend. He was as proud of Stewie as I was.

Next for Holly Hudspeth Eventing is The Fork, where Stewie will tackle the CIC*** and Maxine the OP. If all goes well we are off to Rolex. I cannot believe how fast this spring has gone! I need to give a huge thanks to these companies who believed in me through a pregnancy and injured horse. Prime Performance Nutrition, Devoucoux, Cavalor, Perfect Products, Kentucky Horsewear, and Fools and Horses, I cannot say how much I appreciate being associated with such great people and products! Thank you for everything.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pine Top Advanced HT

Well we did it! Stewie and I made it safely back to the advanced level last weekend at Pine Top. He was super in his first two events of the year, so I decided we were ready. And lucky for me, I was correct! On Wednesday before the event, Maxine and I travelled to Phillip's barn in Aiken for some pre-event jump lessons. Both Ned and Stewie were right where we wanted them to be in their training, which was a huge confidence boost. Thursday we headed to Pine Top to ride and get set up for the weekend.

Stewie put in three solid performances to finish 5th in Advanced 2. I could not have been more pleased as he didn't put a foot wrong in show jumping or cross country. I cannot explain how happy I felt crossing that finish line on Saturday! It was a much anticipated round, and my little man did not disappoint!

Hoofclix photo

Hoofclix photo

Maxine also had a big weekend, as she entered her first prelim. Dressage and show jumping went very well, and so did most of the cross country. I say most, because Maxine learned last weekend that in the combinations, the "c" elements are not always in a straight line at this level. So one needs to sit up after "b" and steer! With two silly "fly bys" we will be working diligently until SPHT II to fix Ned's steering wheel.

Hoofclix photo

The only downside to the weekend was that Chuck and Hailey stayed home. We decided not to change her schedule up again. It took a few days to get her sleeping through the night after we were in Aiken the last time. They were missed, and I look forward to having my #1 cheering section back with me at SPHT II!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kick off and great news!

Holly Hudspeth Eventing headed to Aiken, SC last Saturday for 2 weeks. The weather has been outstanding, and the horses are staying at Dollarmor Farm, which is beautiful! Maxine, Eliza, Bradi, Katie, Hailey and I are staying in town and loving every minute of all that Aiken has to offer. On Wednesday Chuck arrived, and Maxine, Eliza and I competed at Full Gallop, which was a great success. Stewie was 2nd in the OP, Maxine was 5th in the OT, and Eliza was 7th in the ON. Next we head back to Full Gallop where Maxine and Eliza will compete again. After that Stewie is off to Pine Top for the OI, then the advanced two weeks later.

Stewie doing what he does best. Running and jumping!
I am so thrilled to announce a new relationship with the company Perfect Products. They work daily with well known riders such as Steffen Peters, Besty Steiner, James Alliston, Tiana Coudray, David Blake, John French, and Lainie DeBoer, just to name a few. Being a part of their team is an honor! They have a wide variety of products to aid show horses, all of which meet the requirements of FEICleanSport and USEF. I began using some of their products in January, and cannot believe the results I have seen. When I emailed the company's owner Jeff about how I could help Stewie feel his best, he called me back in 24 hours to discuss an immediate plan. Talk about fantastic customer service! I decided to give it a go, since many other top riders believed in Perfect Products.

Eliza and Freddie kicking off their xc round

Maxine and the amazing Ned

The last two weeks have me sold, as Stewie has never felt better. Prone to a very tight back and shoulders, last Wednesday was a nice a change. He was much happier due to the fact he felt good on the inside. In asking around, many top riders in the horse show world swear by their products too. I am really looking forward for this spring, and want to thank all the fantastic sponsors I have. Please visit for more information.
Hailey during a helmet fitting

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

Well the 2012 season is under way after a nice break during the holidays. And lucky for me Maxine decided to return after a long trip home! Stewie is clipped again, and feeling stronger everyday. We started show jump lessons with Harold Chopping in Southern Pines, something I have done on occasion for a few years. Riding with an excellent jumper rider is so worth while, as they provide many new techniques for horse and rider. I plan on a few more lessons until Harold heads to Florida at the end of January.

On January 28 Holly Hudspeth Eventing will head to Aiken until February 10, then Stewie will ship to Pine Top for the intermediate horse trials. We plan on hitting a few local Aiken events, and I will be getting some help from Phillip Dutton. Chuck has decided to take a week off and come too, which will be so fun to have my whole family there!

Maxine, Eliza, and Bradi are also heading south, and I look forward to helping them get back in the ring since November.

I want to say "welcome" to all my new students at Equiventure Farm. Rebecca and Charlotte Goodman, Liz Kiewalt, Mykal Roth, Liz Tillman, Vanessa Thornburg, and coming back again, Christine Pavy. It has been great having so many nice people to see everyday, and I truly appreciate being part of an operation with all the wonderful students at Equiventure.

I will also be heading to Shoeman Farm March 17 in Michigan and Pine Meadow Farm June 9-10 in Minnesota for clinics. My website will be updated soon, and I am really looking forward to going to the Foote's and back to my home state! Good luck to everyone this year! See you out there.

Holly Hudspeth

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting news!

Chuck and I want to congratulate the Granger family on the purchase of Hailey's Comet. "Freddie" will be Eliza Granger's new competition horse, and we could not be happier with his new home! Freddie has had a super summer and fall, and we look forward to seeing how far he and Eliza can go.

Stewie posing with his friend Jane Murray

Yesterday Eliza, Emily Mullins and I xc schooled at the CHP. Stewie had a blast showing the younger ones how it is all done, and Emily and Eliza had solid schools. It is such a good opportunity to jump around CHP's fantastic xc courses, and I always wonder why more people don't take advantage of it!

CHP's beautiful terrain

Eliza and Freddie warming up

Next for Holly Hudsepth Eventing is a trip to Poplar Place HT this coming weekend, then the season will wrap up with one more eventing clinic November 18-20 at Equiventure Farm. This about the 9th one I have done at Equiventure Farm, and Saturday night's cookout should not be missed. Chuck is our super chef and this clinic's dinner will be a low country seafood boil, along with a few cocktails :)

Emily and Merlin tackling the ditch

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 more great sponsorships!

I am happy to announce that Holly Hudspeth Eventing has two new sponsors, Kentucky Horsewear and Only Fools & Horses. First off, Holly's horses are lucky to be wearing the new Kentucky boots. These boots are the latest in shock absorption, are very durable, and fit fantastic. Kentucky has both cross country and show jumping boots, as well as bell boots and tendon grips. These products have been a hit in Europe, and are now available in the US. Please visit for more information on this product and a way to pick them up!

Next is a recent partnership with a new tack shop in Durham, NC called Only Fools and Horses. It is  conveniently located in NC, and carries all the latest in horse wear, clothing, tack, horse products and more. This amazing new store is also carrying the best invented feed, Cavalor! Please visit their website at, or stop by the store at 2945 South Miami Blvd-Suite #120-Durham, NC 27703, phone number is 919-237-1948.

Holly Hudspeth Eventing wants to say "thank you" to Cavalor, Devoucoux, Prime Performance Nutrition, Kentucky Horsewear, and Only Fools & Horses for their support. It is an honor to be part of so many world class companies!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ark Horse Trials

I am happy to say we had another rewarding horse show weekend at The Ark in Monroe, NC. Stewie finished 2nd in the OP, after tying for first in dressage with a 30. With the break from competition he (so far) has been settled in the ring. I am sure the lack fitness has helped too, but whatever the case, Stewie's behavior is fantastic! What has not changed though, is his enthusiasm on the cross country and in the show jumping. We picked right up where we left off together, and he could not have felt more game and eager. Our young horse Freddie was also a star, leading from start to finish in the novice on a 29. He has changed so much over the last few months, and really seems to be figuring it all out. What I am most impressed with is his movement on the flat. I am a die hard Tb lover, and to get one with Freddie's movement is such a bonus!

Thanks Devoucoux for my saddles!

Working student Maxine Preston had another solid weekend on the reliable Ned Divine, finishing 2nd in the JT. My long time student Eliza Granger rode really well, but her mare Caribou was not playing this weekend. Eliza has alot of raw talent, and we will be looking for a horse to compliment that. Ryann Quigley decided not to run her Intermediate horse Moose on the xc due to some hard ground, but had a solid dressage and show jumping. Lexy Pingree was 2nd in the novice behind Freddie, and new student Haley Parsons did a good job on her tough catch ride.

Stewie also represents his favorite feed, Cavalor
 Thanks to The Ark horse trials for a nice show and friendly people. The show ran on time, gave out free tack stalls, and had some of the most time efficient scoring I have seen. It was also entertaining to see all the exotic animals, and our horses definitely left there less reactive to their environment! Next time we will have to stay for the fabulous party held on Saturday night.