Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pine Top Advanced HT

Well we did it! Stewie and I made it safely back to the advanced level last weekend at Pine Top. He was super in his first two events of the year, so I decided we were ready. And lucky for me, I was correct! On Wednesday before the event, Maxine and I travelled to Phillip's barn in Aiken for some pre-event jump lessons. Both Ned and Stewie were right where we wanted them to be in their training, which was a huge confidence boost. Thursday we headed to Pine Top to ride and get set up for the weekend.

Stewie put in three solid performances to finish 5th in Advanced 2. I could not have been more pleased as he didn't put a foot wrong in show jumping or cross country. I cannot explain how happy I felt crossing that finish line on Saturday! It was a much anticipated round, and my little man did not disappoint!

Hoofclix photo

Hoofclix photo

Maxine also had a big weekend, as she entered her first prelim. Dressage and show jumping went very well, and so did most of the cross country. I say most, because Maxine learned last weekend that in the combinations, the "c" elements are not always in a straight line at this level. So one needs to sit up after "b" and steer! With two silly "fly bys" we will be working diligently until SPHT II to fix Ned's steering wheel.

Hoofclix photo

The only downside to the weekend was that Chuck and Hailey stayed home. We decided not to change her schedule up again. It took a few days to get her sleeping through the night after we were in Aiken the last time. They were missed, and I look forward to having my #1 cheering section back with me at SPHT II!

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