Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in the saddle

I now have a better appreciation for rider fitness! After being back in the saddle a week from Hailey's birth, I rode our young horse Hailey's Comet, in the BN horse trials at the CHP starter trials last weekend. Although the weather was a bit hot, I had no idea I was that out of shape! It really hit home how important rider fitness is, for the safety of both horse and rider. Being a bit loose in the saddle, I was sure glad to be jumping under 3 feet. Luckily, our boy Freddie was fantastic. He was solid in all three phases, and it felt great to be back competing. I have also been back on Stewie, and after the close call he had this spring, it was indescribable to look between his ears again! I have sure missed riding Stewie, and am eager to get him out competing this fall.

The girls and I walking the show jumping 

A few students accompanied me to the CHP for a bit of practicing before we head to Fair Hill horse trials in August. Maxine Preston, Allie Mestnik, Eliza Granger, Kim Rushton, and Lauren Hannah all did really well. Mazine, Eliza, and Kim did their first training combined test, and all jumped super. It is so rewarding when hard work pays off, and all these girls have been working!

As usual, the CHP did a great job hosting the show, and I want to thank all the volunteers who came out and helped in the heat! You all are amazing, and we really appreciate it.

Freddie taking in the view

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A successful Loch Moy II

Holly Hudspeth Eventing had a great Loch Moy II in MD last weekend. After a quick break from competing during Hailey's impending arrival, we loaded up the rig and headed north. With Chuck out of town, Hailey came with the crew for a road trip! It was her first horse show, and she was a fabulous assistant trainer.

Marina Royston was 5th in the preliminary, improving from her last two shows where she was 6th and 7th, and Allie Mestnik was 6th in the training. It was the first time competing as a pair for Maxine Preston and Ned, and they finished 2nd in the novice. Kim Rushton was leading after show jumping, and was mistakenly pulled up after fence 5. The jump judge said she did not jump it, but after taking a closer look she had. Unfortunately by that time it was too late! I am proud how well everyone rode and how great all the horses looked.

Hailey and Lynne watching xc
Everyone, including yours truly, will be competing at the CHP this coming weekend at the July starter trials. Although I have only been riding a few days, the show will be low key and a great way to get back going!

A huge "thanks" is in order for Maxine, Marina, and Lynne Mestnik, for all their babysitting help at the show. I could NOT have done it without them!!!

Eating at the truck stop with her friend Maxine

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting it all back going again!

I am happy to say business is getting back to normal and life is good!!! Things are settling in well with Hailey, and she is absolutely amazing. Chuck and I are so excited to have her here, and I cannot wait for everyone to meet her. I am back teaching full time, and first and foremost I need to thank Maxine Preston for all her hard work, especially in the past month. She has been riding, grooming, hand grazing, hand walking, sweeping, doing laundry, and much more! I could not have done it without her.

Marina Royston (who is coming back to us July 6th), Eliza Granger, and Allie Mestnik have been outstanding with all their help too. It makes such a big difference to have competent and detail orientated people working in the barn. Anyone who knows me understands my standards for horse care, and these girls have stepped right up! My horses look fantastic and the barn is very neat and tidy!!!

The best horse ever!
On a very important note, Stewie is on full night turnout and back in work. I am so happy to have my little super star going again! My plan for him this fall is a few horse trials, and then pick up with his regular schedule in the winter. Freddie will do the same, and I cannot wait to compete my horses again. I want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer. See you out there soon!