Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stewie and Boyd's big day!

Boyd and Stewie won the Advanced 2 division!!! After a solid dressage test of 35.6 (thank you Silva!!) they went on to show jump like rock stars. And with great footing on the xc, Boyd let the little man cruise right along, and only picked up a few seconds of time. What I am more happy about than the little time on the clock, is how well Stewie jumped around the cross country. Every fence was out of stride, and Stewie looked very rideable. Boyd said at the end of the course that it was almost boring for Stewie. That is so great to hear, as a rider's main concern when leaving the box is that their horse will fully understand all the questions. It looks like Stewie is growing up and settling into his job, and after years of hard work, I am left with a huge smile. Chuck and I are so happy and proud of our little "Super Stew" and his jockey! (The xc picture is a Leslie Mintz/USEA Photo) Below is Stewie getting a good luck kiss from Mom.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stewie is getting ready for the advanced season!

After a solid run in the OI at Pine Top Feb 12-13, Stewie and Boyd have been tuning up for their first advanced of the season. That will take place back at Pine Top on Feb 25, and then they will head to SPHT II. After SPHT, it will be on to the Fork CIC***, and then off to Rolex! Silva has been such a GREAT help for Boyd and Stewie, and rides the horse like a Goddess! I am not going to lie, it irks me that I can't get out of Stewie what she can. At least it is harder for Boyd too!!! That makes me feel better. Nonetheless, I really appreciate everything she has done for Stewie's dressage. Attached is a pic of the little angel doing a recent gallop. As time goes on, and the fitness gets stronger, feel for Boyd on these gallop sets. They get a bit wild!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pipe Opener

Despite a windy day at the CHP, everyone had a successful show. In the novice ct, Kim Rushton was first, Lauren Hannah 2nd, and Marty Fisher 3rd! Marty has been working hard on Brennan's dressage, and had an all time best of 29! Good job ladies. Christine Pavey was out for the first time in a while with her horse Buck Naked, and opted for a prelim dressage test and a training level show jumping. Buck jumped around clean, which has been something we have been working on. Jessi Meckes had an educational show jumping round, as we are trying to fix a few things. Change is never easy! Ann Alexander was supposed to be there, but tire troubles curtailed that! All these riders will be back to the CHP in a few weeks for SPHT I and II.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freddie has gone off to work!

Well the baby horse "Freddie" has left home to work! After months of growing up and putting on weight from the racetrack, he left today to go to my friend and fellow competitor, Will Faudree. Will is going to assist me in his training until I am back in the saddle, and hopefully do a few shows this spring. I watched Will ride him today and he went really well. Will also rode Stewie for Chuck and I in the mini-prix at the CHP last November. I added some pics of Stewie from that fun day! Hopefully soon I'll put more up of Freddie at a real show! So right now it's Maxine, myself, Al, Pilgrim, and Ralph, and of course my other super students back at Equiventure Farm. We are all headed to the Pipe Opener this Saturday at the CHP for some schooling. Next Friday I am off to Pine Top to cheer Stewie on in the Advanced.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pine Top

Pine Top was a success! Stewie was 6th in the OI, and was super all weekend. Bo ended up 6th in the OP, and Maxine was 9th in her first training out east. Andrea had a bit of trouble off the bank on the xc, but had major improvements in the show jumping. New student Cindy Deporter had a great show too, and ended up 5th. It was so much fun to be back out at a horse show, and the weather was sunny! A nice change from the winter everyone has had. I am now back at home, and so happy to see Chuck. He surprised me with having Hailey's room all set up with her new crib and changing table. A perfect Valentine Day's gift. This weekend a bunch of students and I head to the Pipe Opener at CHP, and then I am back to Pine Top to watch Stewie in the advanced. Bo will be there too, this time in the OI. Here are few pics of Stewie before xc.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We all had a much better day in Aiken!

All the horses were much more cooperative today. Maxine and Pooh had great jump schools, and Freddie completely redeemed himself from yesterday by jumping well and going xc for the first time. Stewie did a dressage school this morning, and I am watching Boyd jump him with Phillip tomorrow. Friday we are headed to Pine Top, and I am anxiously awaiting the first show of the year. I think I feel this way as a result of sitting on the sidelines. This is new and foreign to me, so watching my horses go is something I am looking forward too! I am thankful for the great help I have right now with Maxine and Kelly, it makes all the difference to have pleasant and hard working people with you!! I cannot thank them enough! These pics are of Pooh and Freddie and their awesome xc go. Thanks Pooh!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We made it to Aiken!

We arrived yesterday at Jumping Branch Farm in Aiken, SC, and have hit the ground running. Maxine and I immediately went over to see Stewie and Boyd school on the flat, and say "hi" to Bo (Cold Harbor) who already had a jump school. Maxine and Boyd hit it off well as they chatted about their cats. Apparently they both have "show cats", and love the feline species. Check out Boyd's recent blog, as he showed us he wrote last night about his kitties. Let me say cat lovers are a rare breed, especially when they walk them on leashes! Anyway, Stewie had another dressage school today, and my good friend Pooh and I watched him strut his stuff! After watching Stewie, Boyd jumped Freddie, a young horse Chuck and I own, and my student Andrea's horse Pilgrim. Both have had better days, but came out good in the end!

I also helped Pooh and Maxine school xc today, which went really well. Pooh's other horse Chumley jumped great, but was also a bit of a hand full! Tomorrow will be better, as all the horses appeared quite sleepy this afternoon. We are heading out on the xc course again, and then off to go shopping in Aiken. Just don't tell my husband, he thinks I am working!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hailey's first horse

Well Chuck couldn't even wait til she was born! He went out and found a cute rocking horse for her to ride, and even put her initials on the saddle. I hope this horse is better behaved than Mommy's horse Stewie! More updates soon as we are headed to Aiken tomorrow. Boyd and Stewie start the USET Training sessions today, and I get to watch them Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't wait!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Check out my new blog and renovated website!

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