Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting news!

Chuck and I want to congratulate the Granger family on the purchase of Hailey's Comet. "Freddie" will be Eliza Granger's new competition horse, and we could not be happier with his new home! Freddie has had a super summer and fall, and we look forward to seeing how far he and Eliza can go.

Stewie posing with his friend Jane Murray

Yesterday Eliza, Emily Mullins and I xc schooled at the CHP. Stewie had a blast showing the younger ones how it is all done, and Emily and Eliza had solid schools. It is such a good opportunity to jump around CHP's fantastic xc courses, and I always wonder why more people don't take advantage of it!

CHP's beautiful terrain

Eliza and Freddie warming up

Next for Holly Hudsepth Eventing is a trip to Poplar Place HT this coming weekend, then the season will wrap up with one more eventing clinic November 18-20 at Equiventure Farm. This about the 9th one I have done at Equiventure Farm, and Saturday night's cookout should not be missed. Chuck is our super chef and this clinic's dinner will be a low country seafood boil, along with a few cocktails :)

Emily and Merlin tackling the ditch

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 more great sponsorships!

I am happy to announce that Holly Hudspeth Eventing has two new sponsors, Kentucky Horsewear and Only Fools & Horses. First off, Holly's horses are lucky to be wearing the new Kentucky boots. These boots are the latest in shock absorption, are very durable, and fit fantastic. Kentucky has both cross country and show jumping boots, as well as bell boots and tendon grips. These products have been a hit in Europe, and are now available in the US. Please visit for more information on this product and a way to pick them up!

Next is a recent partnership with a new tack shop in Durham, NC called Only Fools and Horses. It is  conveniently located in NC, and carries all the latest in horse wear, clothing, tack, horse products and more. This amazing new store is also carrying the best invented feed, Cavalor! Please visit their website at, or stop by the store at 2945 South Miami Blvd-Suite #120-Durham, NC 27703, phone number is 919-237-1948.

Holly Hudspeth Eventing wants to say "thank you" to Cavalor, Devoucoux, Prime Performance Nutrition, Kentucky Horsewear, and Only Fools & Horses for their support. It is an honor to be part of so many world class companies!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ark Horse Trials

I am happy to say we had another rewarding horse show weekend at The Ark in Monroe, NC. Stewie finished 2nd in the OP, after tying for first in dressage with a 30. With the break from competition he (so far) has been settled in the ring. I am sure the lack fitness has helped too, but whatever the case, Stewie's behavior is fantastic! What has not changed though, is his enthusiasm on the cross country and in the show jumping. We picked right up where we left off together, and he could not have felt more game and eager. Our young horse Freddie was also a star, leading from start to finish in the novice on a 29. He has changed so much over the last few months, and really seems to be figuring it all out. What I am most impressed with is his movement on the flat. I am a die hard Tb lover, and to get one with Freddie's movement is such a bonus!

Thanks Devoucoux for my saddles!

Working student Maxine Preston had another solid weekend on the reliable Ned Divine, finishing 2nd in the JT. My long time student Eliza Granger rode really well, but her mare Caribou was not playing this weekend. Eliza has alot of raw talent, and we will be looking for a horse to compliment that. Ryann Quigley decided not to run her Intermediate horse Moose on the xc due to some hard ground, but had a solid dressage and show jumping. Lexy Pingree was 2nd in the novice behind Freddie, and new student Haley Parsons did a good job on her tough catch ride.

Stewie also represents his favorite feed, Cavalor
 Thanks to The Ark horse trials for a nice show and friendly people. The show ran on time, gave out free tack stalls, and had some of the most time efficient scoring I have seen. It was also entertaining to see all the exotic animals, and our horses definitely left there less reactive to their environment! Next time we will have to stay for the fabulous party held on Saturday night.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Heeeeeeeeeee's Back!

Well, after must anticipation from yours truly, Last Monarch has made it back! He competed for the first time since March at the CHP starter trials last weekend in the training combined test. Many of you know he had a bad fall in March when I was pregnant, and needed surgery to remove some bone chips in his left knee. Stewie's entire spring and summer has been filled rehabbing, getting turned out again, and coming slowly back to work. Being pregnant was challenging enough, and seeing my super horse injured was devastating. I think the worst part was not knowing if he would be back to normal, physically or emotionally. This past weekend was a chance to get him out and break the ice, and he was a star!

Stewie at a past CHP Advanced HT

While training level is easy for him, he felt his feisty little self and jumped super. I also cantered him around the novice cross country course, and was so proud I was able to hold him out of the box! When I pulled up Chuck and Hailey greeted me at the finish line, and asked me "What is wrong? Was he not good?" I managed to say through my tears, "He was perfect." I cannot explain how spectacular it was to leave the start box on him again, and I look forward to many more! Stewie is continuing to make his come back this fall at The Ark, VAHT, and Poplar. VAHT will be his first big track as he tackles the intermediate course there.

Congrats to Maxine Preston 4th Tr HT, Alex Marchi 3rd N HT, and Emily Christopher 1st BN CT. Stewie was also 1st in the TR CT and our young horse Hailey's Comet won the N HT. Thanks to CHP for another great show!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Points HT, a Cavalor party, and good friends

It was another fun weekend down at CHP for the Five Points horse trials. We all arrived Friday afternoon to set up, walk courses, and get ready for the weekend. It was a very busy, with 9 students and myself riding. Lucky for me Chuck was there to help with everything, mainly our amazing little girl Hailey. He did scoot off for a night of ECU football with friends, and had a blast. I need to thank my friend Jane Murray for all the hours of babysitting during the event. She was a HUGE help, and I could not have done it without her. It was also great to hang out with Karen O'Connor, Max Cockran, and Shannon Kinsley, all of whom I have not seen in quite a while. These ladies are always entertaining to say the least, and they did not disappoint. Unfortunately, they do cut into my much needed sleep schedule!

I want to congratulate all my students on a super show. This spring I have become so fortunate to have people in the program who are true team players. What I mean by this is, people who really support each other and want others to succeed. Seeing everyone ringside supporting one another is important. It is the glue to a solid team. One of my favorite sayings is, "there is no "I" in team". And I want to thank all my students for understanding and believing in that.

Another fabulous part of the weekend was Cavalor's Saturday afternoon champagne and chocolate party. Anna Studenny came all weekend to answer questions about the company and it's products. I was also on hand to offer first hand experiences with Cavalor, and talk about all the positive effects it has had on the health of my horses. The gathering was well received, and people seemed to really enjoy the get together.

So without further ado, congrats to the following:

Carrie Parker 10th BN
Hailey's Comet 5th ON (our young horse)
Diana Abernethy 1st NR
Maxine Preston 12th TR
Kim Rushton 1st TR
Eliza Granger 21st TR
Britney Alston 14th TR
Cindy Deporter 23rd TR
Lexy Pingree 5th PR

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cavalor, a hurricane, and a clinic all in one!

Maxine and Ned

Eliza, rider and professional ring raker!

It was another fun filled weekend at Equiventure Farm for an HCH eventing clinic! With hurricane Irene nearly curtailing the festivities, everything went off fairly well. Saturday required some effort of the spectators and riders, as they stood on the standards to help keep them upright! Luckily, there was only a 2 hour window where things were tough and I needed this assistance. All the craziness aside, the riders rode great, learned new training methods, and made solid improvements. They each had a dressage lesson, cross country schooled over Equiventure's amazing course, and practiced their show jumping skills. A big part of the three days was focusing on rider responsibility, and learning how to make the sport of eventing as safe as possible. Saturday night we had a pizza party, along with a special guest and friend, Anna Studenny. Anna is a representative for Cavalor feeds, and came to answer any questions about the feed. She also brought goodie bags for all the riders. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Cavalor team, and could not be happier with the way my horses look and feel. She was also very impressed with the condition of all the horses in my barn. It just goes to show how important proper nutrition is. I am very lucky to have Cavalor, Devoucoux, and Prime Performance Nutrition in my corner. I can't thank them all enough for all they do for me.

Thanks to all the riders who came out to ride in the clinic. I had many repeat students, and a few new faces as well. I am proud of all the changes made and lessons learned.

Kalin Fraker                 
Kim Rushton
Beth Peters                        
Chris Grudger
Kristin Neill                        
Lauren Hannah
Eliza Granger                      
 Maria Owens
Corey and the super pony
Sarah Stahmer
Leah Granger                      
Alex Machey
Bradi Granger                    
Corey Overcash
Marty Fisher                      
Maxine Preston

Maria back in action with Shadow after having her baby Mason

Marty and Brennan

Kalin Fraker

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in the saddle

I now have a better appreciation for rider fitness! After being back in the saddle a week from Hailey's birth, I rode our young horse Hailey's Comet, in the BN horse trials at the CHP starter trials last weekend. Although the weather was a bit hot, I had no idea I was that out of shape! It really hit home how important rider fitness is, for the safety of both horse and rider. Being a bit loose in the saddle, I was sure glad to be jumping under 3 feet. Luckily, our boy Freddie was fantastic. He was solid in all three phases, and it felt great to be back competing. I have also been back on Stewie, and after the close call he had this spring, it was indescribable to look between his ears again! I have sure missed riding Stewie, and am eager to get him out competing this fall.

The girls and I walking the show jumping 

A few students accompanied me to the CHP for a bit of practicing before we head to Fair Hill horse trials in August. Maxine Preston, Allie Mestnik, Eliza Granger, Kim Rushton, and Lauren Hannah all did really well. Mazine, Eliza, and Kim did their first training combined test, and all jumped super. It is so rewarding when hard work pays off, and all these girls have been working!

As usual, the CHP did a great job hosting the show, and I want to thank all the volunteers who came out and helped in the heat! You all are amazing, and we really appreciate it.

Freddie taking in the view

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A successful Loch Moy II

Holly Hudspeth Eventing had a great Loch Moy II in MD last weekend. After a quick break from competing during Hailey's impending arrival, we loaded up the rig and headed north. With Chuck out of town, Hailey came with the crew for a road trip! It was her first horse show, and she was a fabulous assistant trainer.

Marina Royston was 5th in the preliminary, improving from her last two shows where she was 6th and 7th, and Allie Mestnik was 6th in the training. It was the first time competing as a pair for Maxine Preston and Ned, and they finished 2nd in the novice. Kim Rushton was leading after show jumping, and was mistakenly pulled up after fence 5. The jump judge said she did not jump it, but after taking a closer look she had. Unfortunately by that time it was too late! I am proud how well everyone rode and how great all the horses looked.

Hailey and Lynne watching xc
Everyone, including yours truly, will be competing at the CHP this coming weekend at the July starter trials. Although I have only been riding a few days, the show will be low key and a great way to get back going!

A huge "thanks" is in order for Maxine, Marina, and Lynne Mestnik, for all their babysitting help at the show. I could NOT have done it without them!!!

Eating at the truck stop with her friend Maxine

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting it all back going again!

I am happy to say business is getting back to normal and life is good!!! Things are settling in well with Hailey, and she is absolutely amazing. Chuck and I are so excited to have her here, and I cannot wait for everyone to meet her. I am back teaching full time, and first and foremost I need to thank Maxine Preston for all her hard work, especially in the past month. She has been riding, grooming, hand grazing, hand walking, sweeping, doing laundry, and much more! I could not have done it without her.

Marina Royston (who is coming back to us July 6th), Eliza Granger, and Allie Mestnik have been outstanding with all their help too. It makes such a big difference to have competent and detail orientated people working in the barn. Anyone who knows me understands my standards for horse care, and these girls have stepped right up! My horses look fantastic and the barn is very neat and tidy!!!

The best horse ever!
On a very important note, Stewie is on full night turnout and back in work. I am so happy to have my little super star going again! My plan for him this fall is a few horse trials, and then pick up with his regular schedule in the winter. Freddie will do the same, and I cannot wait to compete my horses again. I want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer. See you out there soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hailey is here!

The process did not go exactly to plan, but Hailey arrived here safe and sound June 10, at 11:33pm! On Friday I had an ultrasound and the amniotic fluids were quite low, and being almost a week overdue, my Doctor wanted Hailey to come out that day. So in we went to Rex hospital to be induced.

Many hours later I was finally dilating and things were going great until Hailey's heart rate was dipping to levels no one was happy about. We tried to get her a bit more stabilized, and after some scary moments, an emergency c section was performed. It was a bit scary because it all happened so fast! Good news is Hailey is healthy, beautiful, and perfect! Seeing her for the first time was amazing, and Chuck and I could not be more proud.

Thanks to Maxine Preston, Eliza Granger, and soon to come, Allie Mestnik, for all their hard work. Also, many many thanks to Theresa Foote for flying out here to help Chuck and I start parenthood. As usual, she is outstanding.

Monday, May 23, 2011

2 new happenings at Holly Hudspeth Eventing

I am excited to announce that Cavalor feeds will now be carried at Triangle Horse Sports in Raleigh, NC. They will be carrying a wide variety of different Cavalor feeds, and I am so pleased to bring it to Equiventure Farm. Special thanks to Anna Studenny who has helped to make it all possible!

Cavalor has grown to become a world leader in equine nutrition, and I am so proud to be a part of their team. If anyone is interested in obtaining the grain in the Triangle area, please call Triangle Horse Sports at 919-781-8027, or visit the store. It is a great store that has an enormous selection of everything! Please visit to learn more about this company and other products offered.

Congratulations are in order for Chris and Jana Grudger. They are the proud new owners of "Fisher", a 5 year old Tb gelding recently purchased from Will Faudree. Chris is switching over from riding in the hunter ring to eventing, and we are so happy to have him part of Holly Hudspeth Eventing. Fisher is a sweet, quiet, and honest guy who will grow with Chris for years to come. Look for them at the CHP starter trials end of July!

Friday, May 13, 2011

She is almost here, and still busy!!!

I am at 37 weeks now, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hailey! I have still been very busy at the barn teaching, spending time with Stewie, and watching Freddie school. I am lucky to have Maxine right now, because she has really stepped up to the plate. She is not only helping at the barn daily, but grazing and walking Stewie too. And trust me, he is a full time job. Speaking of that wild man, he is walking twice a day and looks fantastic. He gets to hack out very soon, and will be so happy!

Stewie is wondering WHAT happened to mommy!
Caroline Culbertson is helping school Freddie, and he has been going well since coming back from Will Faudree's. It is hard to believe I have not even cantered him yet or felt his floating trot. I found out I was pregnant when he started into work, so I cannot wait to ride him.

Stewie's personal assistent, Maxine

Lessons have been in full swing, and everyone is working hard until I take a few weeks off when Hailey gets here. Maxine and her new horse, Ned Divine, have been going great. I am so happy to have Ned in the barn, and could not have asked for a better horse for Maxine. They will be out in July along with the rest of the gang. New student Chris Grudger will be coming to Equiventure, as soon as we find him his first event horse. Chris is a dentist in Raleigh, and he and his wife Jana have a 3 month old girl. We are excited to have him part of the barn.
Caroline and Freddie

Monday, April 25, 2011

It was a great Longleaf HT for Holly Hudspeth Eventing!

I am very proud of all my amazing students and friends at Longleaf this past weekend! With the sport of eventing having as many ups and downs as it does, it makes it all worth while when people who work hard get rewarded. The weather was beautiful, and as usual the Carolina Horse Park did a fantastic job. Congrats to the following;

Diana Abernethy and Rahav 9th NR-B
Ann Alexander and Beamish 10th NR-A
Brittany Alston and No Rest For The Wicked 10th-TR
Cindy Deporter and Drop The Buck 19th-TR
Marty Fisher and Brennan 3rd NR-A
Eliza Granger and Carriboo 1st NR-B
Emily Henderson and Sampson Denali 6th TR
Kimberly Rushton and Queen of the Blues 5th NR-A

Freddie being a bit more cooperative for Will!

My good friend Will Faudree rode our young horse Hailey's Comet in his first event, and had a quiet and steady dressage test. The score was a bit disappointing, but I was not too concerned as it was his first time in a dressage ring. Will also gave "Freddie" a great ride on the xc, and jumped the jumps really well. However, a few steps back at the water (then a large leap in) required an early departure! At least they were nearly finished. Will schooled Freddie today and it went well, and I am relieved the horse learned something. Thank you to Nat and the rest of the girls at Gavilan Farms who did such a super job with Freddie the last few months. Even at 4 years old the girls had him looking like he was going to the trot up at Rolex!

Will and Freddie

Ann and Beamish

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stewie is home!!!!

I am happy to say my amazing horse is back home. He arrived back from PA on Tuesday, and has settled right in. Dr. Dean Richardson performed a Cat Scan to determine where the fractures were, then went into his knee and removed them. The good news is all the cartilage looked great, and post xrays revealed no more fractures! So now it is time for Stewie to rest and heal. He has been getting out of his stall for grass about 4-5 times a day, and in two weeks he starts hand walking twice a week. He will get turned out in about 2 months, which I know he will love!

I am really happy how well he came out of surgery. The knee looks excellent, his weight looks good, and he seems back to his feisty self. My husband keeps asking me if I think the fall will take any of his enthusiasm away. The truth is I don't know. But what I do know is Stewie is one of the bravest, hardest working horses I have ever sat on. He does not know the words "I can't or I won't", and for that I am truly grateful. He and I have a great partnership, and I cannot wait for us to gallop cross country again. The barn has not been the same without him there, and I love the time I get to spend with him. With Stewie gone I had been a frequent shopper at Pottery Barn Kids, so I bet Chuck is happy he is home too! We will save money all the way around.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I am thrilled to have Ned Divine join Holly Hudspeth Eventing!

I am happy to say that Ned Divine is joining the team! Working student Maxine Preston has bought the fabulous gelding. (with help of her outstanding grandparents Jim and Mary Danforth) Ned was found on the race track in Washington by Janet von Pressentin, the same great lady that found Stewie and Freddie. Ever since Ned came out east for his new owner Tim Murray to start riding, I have admired him from afar. I have known Ned for some time, watched him at shows, and could not be happier he is in the barn!

Maxine's other horse Sara is heading back to Michigan to teach young riders how to show jump at the lower levels. With Sara in MI, Maxine will spend the next month or so schooling with Ned at home, getting to know him well. They will be out as a team this summer, and no doubt having a ball! Thanks to Tim Murray, Jim and Mary Danforth, Dr. Tom Daniels, and Bobby Costello who all made Maxine's year!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Very excited about new Cavalor sponsorship!

I am proud to say that I have developed a new and exciting relationship with Cavalor! Cavalor has quickly become a world leader in equine nutrition for performance horses, and I am thrilled to be part of their team.

As an international competitor who trains horses from novice through advanced, I pride myself on the care and nutrition of my animals. And as an athlete, I understand the importance of proper diet. Cavalor only uses the top raw materials and the best quality control processes. They sponsor some of the world's top athletes, who clearly believe in the product and it's effects. It means alot to me that my name has been added to the list!

While the feed is currently available in Aberdeen, NC, I am diligently working with Cavalor reps to get the products into the Raleigh and Rougemont area. I know that after people find out about how amazing  Cavalor is, they too will be hooked. Please check out Cavalor at and see where your closest dealer is. Or feel free to email me with any inquires. My email is


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stewie is joining his mom for some time off

I am sad to say I will not get to cheer Boyd and Stewie on at Rolex this year. Last Saturday night after the cross country, we took every necessary precaution we could. Dr. Tom Daniels radiographed his head and down his neck to his withers. All of that looked perfect. That evening the horse jogged 1/5, and we were all happy Stewie was looking pretty good considering his fall. Boyd and I spoke about a plan, and decided to send Stewie back to PA, so after some days off, Boyd could resume light work in preparation for The Fork.

Since the horse was in PA, Boyd's vet Dr. Kevin Keane took over keeping an eye on Stewie. While he looked good trotting up, a minimal amount of swelling had developed around his left knee. So today we decided to xray that too, just to be safe. Unfortunately we saw 2 small chips at the top of his cannon bone. Kevin is sending the radiographs to Dr. Dean Richardson, the same vet who worked on Barbaro. What we are now waiting on is to see if we should have them taken out or let them heal on their own. Either way Stewie will make a full recovery. I feel very confident between Dr. Daniels, Dr. Keane, and Dr. Richardson, he will be receiving the best care possible.

While I am sad Stewie's spring has ended soon, I am grateful he and Boyd will see another day. Like I said in my last blog, a horse show is just a horse show. They happen every weekend all over the world. Boyd is an amazing rider, and Stewie is an amazing horse. He can now come home and plump up along with his mother! Good luck to everyone the rest of the spring.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The ups and downs of the horse biz

Let me start out by sending my condolences to Arden Wildasin and Michael Pollard. Losing an animal one loves and cares for daily is beyond gut wrenching. I hope their teams are fairing well. SPHT II has always been one of my favorite places to compete, and even after a tough weekend for some, it still is. I have ridden there for years on multiple horses, and while the courses are true to the level, they are fair with plenty of options. And like I said three years ago in a write up for the Chronicle, Marc Donovan is an outstanding show jumping course designer. His tracks are well built, with lines that require you to be precise and make decisions. I have always left the ring either happy, or with a clear understanding of what I need to improve on. I am sure many riders this weekend will feel the same.

As I woke up this morning better rested than yesterday, I find myself thanking my lucky stars Stewie and Boyd are safe and sound. No matter how successful the horse and rider are, there is always a chance of a mistake. And unfortunately, as you go up the levels, the room for error becomes very minimal. Boyd felt he moved up too much to a large oxer, and Stewie did not read it right. They had a crashing fall, which I pray would never happen to anyone. Seeing Boyd on the ground and Stewie a bit shaken was terrible. People who know me understand how much I love this little horse. They also understand how much respect I have for Boyd as a rider and horseman. I too have made mistakes as a rider, and will make more before my career is done. That is the nature of sport.

As an instructor that teaches all levels, I have always made sure my students know the sport of eventing is filled with ups and downs. But what makes a good competitor is how they handle their downs. Like my dad told me after a very dismal year I had in 2002, "Holly, get up, dust yourself off, and get back on!" This week Stewie and Boyd will do the same, and will be better for it at the Fork in two weeks.

Remember to love your animals the best you can, and horse show is just that. A horse show. What was driven home to me personally this weekend was how much I love Stewie, and at the end of the day, what is truly important is the safety of our horses. No result, ribbon, trophy, or prize should ever replace that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to get ready for SPHT II!

It's that time of year again. March 25-27 will be a weekend for an amazing event and great parties down at SPHT II in Raeford, NC. My good friend Jane Murray has been busy helping to make this event better than  before, with 350 of this country's top riders, and thousands of dollars of prize money offered in the Advanced divisions! And like last year, it will be the inaugural event for the PRO Tour Series along with another Britches and Bling party Saturday night.

PRO will be offering cross country course walks and reaching out to spectators and owners with commentating both Saturday and Sunday. The Junior Young Rider Training scholarship award will be started here as well. There will be a special PRO event Sunday before show jumping. Please check out all the details on the PRO website so you don't miss any of these opportunities. SSG has also teamed with PRO at this event, offering money for what is called, "SSG, go low for the dough promotion." There is good money to be won in the Advanced and Intermediate divisions, so please find Samantha Lendle for further details!

What's so great about this super event is it's free for spectators, is family friendly with a Kid Zone, has a beer garden, and great food and retail vendors. While the Britches and Bling Party was so fun last year, it will be bigger this time around with a fashion show! The models will be well known riders and owners, modeling local businesses' clothing and accessories. This great party will also have incredible food and music. Get your tickets now so you don't miss this chance for a good time. Tickets are $45 per adult and $25 for children under 12. You can call the Carolina Horse Park at 910-875-2074. The festivities start at 6pm at the CHP Market Place Tent.

Also, check out the Patrons' Tent opportunities which includes delicious lunches, VIP seating at the Water Jump Tent Saturday, and ringside on Sunday for the Stadium Jumping and awards. Those tickets are $75/adult and $50/child.

SPHT II will be sporting some new jumps this year, so I added a few pics of what is to come! This event is truly amazing, and with all the new features offered this year, it should not be missed. There is guaranteed fun for everyone. See  you soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A super weekend at SPHT I

It was another great show at SPHT! The weather was perfect, and as usual, the show ran very well. The Carolina Horse Park is one of my favorite venues, and each year it gets better and better. The cross country courses sported some new jumps, and as we walked the xc we saw more jumps for SPHT II.The courses were flowing and confidence building, perfect for this time of year. I had a busy weekend coaching, and am proud of all my students!

Annie Nienaber and Fiona Allen had conservative, yet solid rounds in the preliminary, and in the training, Christine Pavey was 3rd and Emily Henderson was 6th (her first training). Christina Hoffman decided to jump a novice jump next to her training jump, resulting in a TE. She was allowed to sj, and that went well. My working student Maxine Preston had a good dressage and clean sj, but had an educational day on the xc. When she came to me 5 weeks ago, I basically changed her entire way of going on the xc from fast and flat to in control. We are now finding the balance, and she will be better for it in two weeks back at SPHT II!

My novice ladies were stars, as Eliza Granger was 1st, Kim Rushton 3rd, and Marty Fisher 10th. My full time students really work hard week to week, and I am very proud of them! We have a weekend off, then it is back to SPHT II in two weeks. Stewie will be there, and I am so excited to see him. Carolina Horse Park is a special place for him, as he has competed at every level there, starting at beginner novice all the way through advanced!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shedding some light on one of my great sponsors!

I have had a long and solid relationship with Prime Performance Nutrition, and am very lucky for their sponsorship. They have supplied my horses with top of the line supplements, which have helped to keep them healthy, sound, and happy. I recently spent some time with the President of PPN, Jeff Butler, to better bring to the eventing public more information about this fabulous company. Here are a few of my questions, with Mr. Butler's answers.

1) What separates PPN from other supplement companies?
PPN was started by people that have been around horses their entire life, which makes for an environment that puts the horse first and business second. We have had the luxury of associating with some very high profile people overseas that have allowed us to develop and trial our products before they are put on the shelf. From the beginning PPN has been a member of the National Animal Supplement Council which stresses quality and protocols that are industry standards. PPN does product testing on a regular basis to ensure label claim guarantees for all ingredients. We have cost effective pricing due to the volume that we are able to turn over since we are distributing on a world wide basis.

2) What products do you recommend for 3 Day Event horses to aid in all the stress they are under with training and competing. (for example, our horses can have a high rate of ulcers, joint stiffness, muscle soreness, and fatigue)
Ulcer conditions-Aloe GT is a great product to go with when you are experiencing signs of gastric upset and/or your horse goes off feed. After a month or when a horse has bounced back, Ulcer X daily will act as an ant-acid to lesson the chance of irritations going forward.

Joint Health-The number one product world wide is Maxum HA, because of the complete formula of Glucosamines, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM and HA, all in a mini pellet.

Muscle Soreness-Prime E&SE will allow those horses that tend to suffer from muscle soreness to recover faster. Re-Charge is a paste product that we use prior to an event as well just after to prevent tie ups and aid in quicker muscle recovery.

*Mr. Butler also stated to me that people can send in scenarios regarding their horses, and he will help to write a program for them that works! Contact information for these wonderful products is listed below.

Jeff Butler
Prime Performance Nutrition
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to snowy Minnesota

This past weekend I traveled back to my hometown state of Minnesota. Friend Megan McFarland set up a great clinic in Webster, and I taught all day Saturday and Sunday. Although we were in an indoor, it was still so cold, as the temp was 7 degrees Sunday morning! While I miss the lakes, snowmobiling, and change of seasons, I do not miss the winter weather! I was happy to wake up back in NC to sun and warm temps this morning. Friday night was spent with family, and it was great to see my sister's two girls, Maggie and Ellie.

I want to thank Maxine for keeping things running smoothly at the barn when I was away. This week will be busy, as I have many students heading to SPHT I this weekend. The next few days are filled with lessons and training, then everyone competes Saturday and Sunday. I will update next Monday, and let you know how brilliant they all were!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stewie and Boyd's big day!

Boyd and Stewie won the Advanced 2 division!!! After a solid dressage test of 35.6 (thank you Silva!!) they went on to show jump like rock stars. And with great footing on the xc, Boyd let the little man cruise right along, and only picked up a few seconds of time. What I am more happy about than the little time on the clock, is how well Stewie jumped around the cross country. Every fence was out of stride, and Stewie looked very rideable. Boyd said at the end of the course that it was almost boring for Stewie. That is so great to hear, as a rider's main concern when leaving the box is that their horse will fully understand all the questions. It looks like Stewie is growing up and settling into his job, and after years of hard work, I am left with a huge smile. Chuck and I are so happy and proud of our little "Super Stew" and his jockey! (The xc picture is a Leslie Mintz/USEA Photo) Below is Stewie getting a good luck kiss from Mom.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stewie is getting ready for the advanced season!

After a solid run in the OI at Pine Top Feb 12-13, Stewie and Boyd have been tuning up for their first advanced of the season. That will take place back at Pine Top on Feb 25, and then they will head to SPHT II. After SPHT, it will be on to the Fork CIC***, and then off to Rolex! Silva has been such a GREAT help for Boyd and Stewie, and rides the horse like a Goddess! I am not going to lie, it irks me that I can't get out of Stewie what she can. At least it is harder for Boyd too!!! That makes me feel better. Nonetheless, I really appreciate everything she has done for Stewie's dressage. Attached is a pic of the little angel doing a recent gallop. As time goes on, and the fitness gets stronger, feel for Boyd on these gallop sets. They get a bit wild!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pipe Opener

Despite a windy day at the CHP, everyone had a successful show. In the novice ct, Kim Rushton was first, Lauren Hannah 2nd, and Marty Fisher 3rd! Marty has been working hard on Brennan's dressage, and had an all time best of 29! Good job ladies. Christine Pavey was out for the first time in a while with her horse Buck Naked, and opted for a prelim dressage test and a training level show jumping. Buck jumped around clean, which has been something we have been working on. Jessi Meckes had an educational show jumping round, as we are trying to fix a few things. Change is never easy! Ann Alexander was supposed to be there, but tire troubles curtailed that! All these riders will be back to the CHP in a few weeks for SPHT I and II.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freddie has gone off to work!

Well the baby horse "Freddie" has left home to work! After months of growing up and putting on weight from the racetrack, he left today to go to my friend and fellow competitor, Will Faudree. Will is going to assist me in his training until I am back in the saddle, and hopefully do a few shows this spring. I watched Will ride him today and he went really well. Will also rode Stewie for Chuck and I in the mini-prix at the CHP last November. I added some pics of Stewie from that fun day! Hopefully soon I'll put more up of Freddie at a real show! So right now it's Maxine, myself, Al, Pilgrim, and Ralph, and of course my other super students back at Equiventure Farm. We are all headed to the Pipe Opener this Saturday at the CHP for some schooling. Next Friday I am off to Pine Top to cheer Stewie on in the Advanced.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pine Top

Pine Top was a success! Stewie was 6th in the OI, and was super all weekend. Bo ended up 6th in the OP, and Maxine was 9th in her first training out east. Andrea had a bit of trouble off the bank on the xc, but had major improvements in the show jumping. New student Cindy Deporter had a great show too, and ended up 5th. It was so much fun to be back out at a horse show, and the weather was sunny! A nice change from the winter everyone has had. I am now back at home, and so happy to see Chuck. He surprised me with having Hailey's room all set up with her new crib and changing table. A perfect Valentine Day's gift. This weekend a bunch of students and I head to the Pipe Opener at CHP, and then I am back to Pine Top to watch Stewie in the advanced. Bo will be there too, this time in the OI. Here are few pics of Stewie before xc.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We all had a much better day in Aiken!

All the horses were much more cooperative today. Maxine and Pooh had great jump schools, and Freddie completely redeemed himself from yesterday by jumping well and going xc for the first time. Stewie did a dressage school this morning, and I am watching Boyd jump him with Phillip tomorrow. Friday we are headed to Pine Top, and I am anxiously awaiting the first show of the year. I think I feel this way as a result of sitting on the sidelines. This is new and foreign to me, so watching my horses go is something I am looking forward too! I am thankful for the great help I have right now with Maxine and Kelly, it makes all the difference to have pleasant and hard working people with you!! I cannot thank them enough! These pics are of Pooh and Freddie and their awesome xc go. Thanks Pooh!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We made it to Aiken!

We arrived yesterday at Jumping Branch Farm in Aiken, SC, and have hit the ground running. Maxine and I immediately went over to see Stewie and Boyd school on the flat, and say "hi" to Bo (Cold Harbor) who already had a jump school. Maxine and Boyd hit it off well as they chatted about their cats. Apparently they both have "show cats", and love the feline species. Check out Boyd's recent blog, as he showed us he wrote last night about his kitties. Let me say cat lovers are a rare breed, especially when they walk them on leashes! Anyway, Stewie had another dressage school today, and my good friend Pooh and I watched him strut his stuff! After watching Stewie, Boyd jumped Freddie, a young horse Chuck and I own, and my student Andrea's horse Pilgrim. Both have had better days, but came out good in the end!

I also helped Pooh and Maxine school xc today, which went really well. Pooh's other horse Chumley jumped great, but was also a bit of a hand full! Tomorrow will be better, as all the horses appeared quite sleepy this afternoon. We are heading out on the xc course again, and then off to go shopping in Aiken. Just don't tell my husband, he thinks I am working!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hailey's first horse

Well Chuck couldn't even wait til she was born! He went out and found a cute rocking horse for her to ride, and even put her initials on the saddle. I hope this horse is better behaved than Mommy's horse Stewie! More updates soon as we are headed to Aiken tomorrow. Boyd and Stewie start the USET Training sessions today, and I get to watch them Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't wait!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Check out my new blog and renovated website!

Welcome to Holly Hudspeth Eventing's new blog spot! Please check here for updates and news on shows, clinics, and happenings behind the scenes. Also, you can keep up to date with current information on Holly's students, show results, and everything else that makes up this wild sport of 3 Day Eventing! In addition, please take a look at the newly renovated website of, with the help of Sue Haldeman at Fairview Design.