Friday, May 13, 2011

She is almost here, and still busy!!!

I am at 37 weeks now, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hailey! I have still been very busy at the barn teaching, spending time with Stewie, and watching Freddie school. I am lucky to have Maxine right now, because she has really stepped up to the plate. She is not only helping at the barn daily, but grazing and walking Stewie too. And trust me, he is a full time job. Speaking of that wild man, he is walking twice a day and looks fantastic. He gets to hack out very soon, and will be so happy!

Stewie is wondering WHAT happened to mommy!
Caroline Culbertson is helping school Freddie, and he has been going well since coming back from Will Faudree's. It is hard to believe I have not even cantered him yet or felt his floating trot. I found out I was pregnant when he started into work, so I cannot wait to ride him.

Stewie's personal assistent, Maxine

Lessons have been in full swing, and everyone is working hard until I take a few weeks off when Hailey gets here. Maxine and her new horse, Ned Divine, have been going great. I am so happy to have Ned in the barn, and could not have asked for a better horse for Maxine. They will be out in July along with the rest of the gang. New student Chris Grudger will be coming to Equiventure, as soon as we find him his first event horse. Chris is a dentist in Raleigh, and he and his wife Jana have a 3 month old girl. We are excited to have him part of the barn.
Caroline and Freddie

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