Monday, April 25, 2011

It was a great Longleaf HT for Holly Hudspeth Eventing!

I am very proud of all my amazing students and friends at Longleaf this past weekend! With the sport of eventing having as many ups and downs as it does, it makes it all worth while when people who work hard get rewarded. The weather was beautiful, and as usual the Carolina Horse Park did a fantastic job. Congrats to the following;

Diana Abernethy and Rahav 9th NR-B
Ann Alexander and Beamish 10th NR-A
Brittany Alston and No Rest For The Wicked 10th-TR
Cindy Deporter and Drop The Buck 19th-TR
Marty Fisher and Brennan 3rd NR-A
Eliza Granger and Carriboo 1st NR-B
Emily Henderson and Sampson Denali 6th TR
Kimberly Rushton and Queen of the Blues 5th NR-A

Freddie being a bit more cooperative for Will!

My good friend Will Faudree rode our young horse Hailey's Comet in his first event, and had a quiet and steady dressage test. The score was a bit disappointing, but I was not too concerned as it was his first time in a dressage ring. Will also gave "Freddie" a great ride on the xc, and jumped the jumps really well. However, a few steps back at the water (then a large leap in) required an early departure! At least they were nearly finished. Will schooled Freddie today and it went well, and I am relieved the horse learned something. Thank you to Nat and the rest of the girls at Gavilan Farms who did such a super job with Freddie the last few months. Even at 4 years old the girls had him looking like he was going to the trot up at Rolex!

Will and Freddie

Ann and Beamish

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