Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hailey is here!

The process did not go exactly to plan, but Hailey arrived here safe and sound June 10, at 11:33pm! On Friday I had an ultrasound and the amniotic fluids were quite low, and being almost a week overdue, my Doctor wanted Hailey to come out that day. So in we went to Rex hospital to be induced.

Many hours later I was finally dilating and things were going great until Hailey's heart rate was dipping to levels no one was happy about. We tried to get her a bit more stabilized, and after some scary moments, an emergency c section was performed. It was a bit scary because it all happened so fast! Good news is Hailey is healthy, beautiful, and perfect! Seeing her for the first time was amazing, and Chuck and I could not be more proud.

Thanks to Maxine Preston, Eliza Granger, and soon to come, Allie Mestnik, for all their hard work. Also, many many thanks to Theresa Foote for flying out here to help Chuck and I start parenthood. As usual, she is outstanding.


  1. She is beautiful!!!! She is absolutley perfect!

  2. I didn't realize that you had such a scare. Glad to hear everything turned out ok. The two of you look fabulous!!

    Having had 2 C sections, be very careful not to sneeze or cough and laughing can be a bit painful too ;)

    And listen to Theresa; she's very experienced. I believe she is the mother of 5! Having her around will definitely make life easier for both you and Chuck ;)


  3. So happy for you! I've been thinking of you all week and texting Maxine periodically to be sure I didn't miss the news!

    Freddie and Stewie are going to have to learn to share their mama! :)

    Miss you guys and see you when I'm back this fall!!