Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting it all back going again!

I am happy to say business is getting back to normal and life is good!!! Things are settling in well with Hailey, and she is absolutely amazing. Chuck and I are so excited to have her here, and I cannot wait for everyone to meet her. I am back teaching full time, and first and foremost I need to thank Maxine Preston for all her hard work, especially in the past month. She has been riding, grooming, hand grazing, hand walking, sweeping, doing laundry, and much more! I could not have done it without her.

Marina Royston (who is coming back to us July 6th), Eliza Granger, and Allie Mestnik have been outstanding with all their help too. It makes such a big difference to have competent and detail orientated people working in the barn. Anyone who knows me understands my standards for horse care, and these girls have stepped right up! My horses look fantastic and the barn is very neat and tidy!!!

The best horse ever!
On a very important note, Stewie is on full night turnout and back in work. I am so happy to have my little super star going again! My plan for him this fall is a few horse trials, and then pick up with his regular schedule in the winter. Freddie will do the same, and I cannot wait to compete my horses again. I want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer. See you out there soon!

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