Monday, October 3, 2011

Heeeeeeeeeee's Back!

Well, after must anticipation from yours truly, Last Monarch has made it back! He competed for the first time since March at the CHP starter trials last weekend in the training combined test. Many of you know he had a bad fall in March when I was pregnant, and needed surgery to remove some bone chips in his left knee. Stewie's entire spring and summer has been filled rehabbing, getting turned out again, and coming slowly back to work. Being pregnant was challenging enough, and seeing my super horse injured was devastating. I think the worst part was not knowing if he would be back to normal, physically or emotionally. This past weekend was a chance to get him out and break the ice, and he was a star!

Stewie at a past CHP Advanced HT

While training level is easy for him, he felt his feisty little self and jumped super. I also cantered him around the novice cross country course, and was so proud I was able to hold him out of the box! When I pulled up Chuck and Hailey greeted me at the finish line, and asked me "What is wrong? Was he not good?" I managed to say through my tears, "He was perfect." I cannot explain how spectacular it was to leave the start box on him again, and I look forward to many more! Stewie is continuing to make his come back this fall at The Ark, VAHT, and Poplar. VAHT will be his first big track as he tackles the intermediate course there.

Congrats to Maxine Preston 4th Tr HT, Alex Marchi 3rd N HT, and Emily Christopher 1st BN CT. Stewie was also 1st in the TR CT and our young horse Hailey's Comet won the N HT. Thanks to CHP for another great show!

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  1. congrats to all!! it is so super that stewie is back!! i can't wait to see him at virginia!!!