Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shedding some light on one of my great sponsors!

I have had a long and solid relationship with Prime Performance Nutrition, and am very lucky for their sponsorship. They have supplied my horses with top of the line supplements, which have helped to keep them healthy, sound, and happy. I recently spent some time with the President of PPN, Jeff Butler, to better bring to the eventing public more information about this fabulous company. Here are a few of my questions, with Mr. Butler's answers.

1) What separates PPN from other supplement companies?
PPN was started by people that have been around horses their entire life, which makes for an environment that puts the horse first and business second. We have had the luxury of associating with some very high profile people overseas that have allowed us to develop and trial our products before they are put on the shelf. From the beginning PPN has been a member of the National Animal Supplement Council which stresses quality and protocols that are industry standards. PPN does product testing on a regular basis to ensure label claim guarantees for all ingredients. We have cost effective pricing due to the volume that we are able to turn over since we are distributing on a world wide basis.

2) What products do you recommend for 3 Day Event horses to aid in all the stress they are under with training and competing. (for example, our horses can have a high rate of ulcers, joint stiffness, muscle soreness, and fatigue)
Ulcer conditions-Aloe GT is a great product to go with when you are experiencing signs of gastric upset and/or your horse goes off feed. After a month or when a horse has bounced back, Ulcer X daily will act as an ant-acid to lesson the chance of irritations going forward.

Joint Health-The number one product world wide is Maxum HA, because of the complete formula of Glucosamines, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM and HA, all in a mini pellet.

Muscle Soreness-Prime E&SE will allow those horses that tend to suffer from muscle soreness to recover faster. Re-Charge is a paste product that we use prior to an event as well just after to prevent tie ups and aid in quicker muscle recovery.

*Mr. Butler also stated to me that people can send in scenarios regarding their horses, and he will help to write a program for them that works! Contact information for these wonderful products is listed below.

Jeff Butler
Prime Performance Nutrition
1-816-667-9052 fax

Thank you for reading, and I cannot wait to talk again soon about my other super sponsor, Devoucoux!

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