Monday, March 14, 2011

A super weekend at SPHT I

It was another great show at SPHT! The weather was perfect, and as usual, the show ran very well. The Carolina Horse Park is one of my favorite venues, and each year it gets better and better. The cross country courses sported some new jumps, and as we walked the xc we saw more jumps for SPHT II.The courses were flowing and confidence building, perfect for this time of year. I had a busy weekend coaching, and am proud of all my students!

Annie Nienaber and Fiona Allen had conservative, yet solid rounds in the preliminary, and in the training, Christine Pavey was 3rd and Emily Henderson was 6th (her first training). Christina Hoffman decided to jump a novice jump next to her training jump, resulting in a TE. She was allowed to sj, and that went well. My working student Maxine Preston had a good dressage and clean sj, but had an educational day on the xc. When she came to me 5 weeks ago, I basically changed her entire way of going on the xc from fast and flat to in control. We are now finding the balance, and she will be better for it in two weeks back at SPHT II!

My novice ladies were stars, as Eliza Granger was 1st, Kim Rushton 3rd, and Marty Fisher 10th. My full time students really work hard week to week, and I am very proud of them! We have a weekend off, then it is back to SPHT II in two weeks. Stewie will be there, and I am so excited to see him. Carolina Horse Park is a special place for him, as he has competed at every level there, starting at beginner novice all the way through advanced!

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