Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to snowy Minnesota

This past weekend I traveled back to my hometown state of Minnesota. Friend Megan McFarland set up a great clinic in Webster, and I taught all day Saturday and Sunday. Although we were in an indoor, it was still so cold, as the temp was 7 degrees Sunday morning! While I miss the lakes, snowmobiling, and change of seasons, I do not miss the winter weather! I was happy to wake up back in NC to sun and warm temps this morning. Friday night was spent with family, and it was great to see my sister's two girls, Maggie and Ellie.

I want to thank Maxine for keeping things running smoothly at the barn when I was away. This week will be busy, as I have many students heading to SPHT I this weekend. The next few days are filled with lessons and training, then everyone competes Saturday and Sunday. I will update next Monday, and let you know how brilliant they all were!

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