Friday, April 15, 2011

Stewie is home!!!!

I am happy to say my amazing horse is back home. He arrived back from PA on Tuesday, and has settled right in. Dr. Dean Richardson performed a Cat Scan to determine where the fractures were, then went into his knee and removed them. The good news is all the cartilage looked great, and post xrays revealed no more fractures! So now it is time for Stewie to rest and heal. He has been getting out of his stall for grass about 4-5 times a day, and in two weeks he starts hand walking twice a week. He will get turned out in about 2 months, which I know he will love!

I am really happy how well he came out of surgery. The knee looks excellent, his weight looks good, and he seems back to his feisty self. My husband keeps asking me if I think the fall will take any of his enthusiasm away. The truth is I don't know. But what I do know is Stewie is one of the bravest, hardest working horses I have ever sat on. He does not know the words "I can't or I won't", and for that I am truly grateful. He and I have a great partnership, and I cannot wait for us to gallop cross country again. The barn has not been the same without him there, and I love the time I get to spend with him. With Stewie gone I had been a frequent shopper at Pottery Barn Kids, so I bet Chuck is happy he is home too! We will save money all the way around.

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