Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stewie and Boyd's big day!

Boyd and Stewie won the Advanced 2 division!!! After a solid dressage test of 35.6 (thank you Silva!!) they went on to show jump like rock stars. And with great footing on the xc, Boyd let the little man cruise right along, and only picked up a few seconds of time. What I am more happy about than the little time on the clock, is how well Stewie jumped around the cross country. Every fence was out of stride, and Stewie looked very rideable. Boyd said at the end of the course that it was almost boring for Stewie. That is so great to hear, as a rider's main concern when leaving the box is that their horse will fully understand all the questions. It looks like Stewie is growing up and settling into his job, and after years of hard work, I am left with a huge smile. Chuck and I are so happy and proud of our little "Super Stew" and his jockey! (The xc picture is a Leslie Mintz/USEA Photo) Below is Stewie getting a good luck kiss from Mom.

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