Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pipe Opener

Despite a windy day at the CHP, everyone had a successful show. In the novice ct, Kim Rushton was first, Lauren Hannah 2nd, and Marty Fisher 3rd! Marty has been working hard on Brennan's dressage, and had an all time best of 29! Good job ladies. Christine Pavey was out for the first time in a while with her horse Buck Naked, and opted for a prelim dressage test and a training level show jumping. Buck jumped around clean, which has been something we have been working on. Jessi Meckes had an educational show jumping round, as we are trying to fix a few things. Change is never easy! Ann Alexander was supposed to be there, but tire troubles curtailed that! All these riders will be back to the CHP in a few weeks for SPHT I and II.

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