Monday, February 21, 2011

Stewie is getting ready for the advanced season!

After a solid run in the OI at Pine Top Feb 12-13, Stewie and Boyd have been tuning up for their first advanced of the season. That will take place back at Pine Top on Feb 25, and then they will head to SPHT II. After SPHT, it will be on to the Fork CIC***, and then off to Rolex! Silva has been such a GREAT help for Boyd and Stewie, and rides the horse like a Goddess! I am not going to lie, it irks me that I can't get out of Stewie what she can. At least it is harder for Boyd too!!! That makes me feel better. Nonetheless, I really appreciate everything she has done for Stewie's dressage. Attached is a pic of the little angel doing a recent gallop. As time goes on, and the fitness gets stronger, feel for Boyd on these gallop sets. They get a bit wild!!!

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