Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We made it to Aiken!

We arrived yesterday at Jumping Branch Farm in Aiken, SC, and have hit the ground running. Maxine and I immediately went over to see Stewie and Boyd school on the flat, and say "hi" to Bo (Cold Harbor) who already had a jump school. Maxine and Boyd hit it off well as they chatted about their cats. Apparently they both have "show cats", and love the feline species. Check out Boyd's recent blog, as he showed us he wrote last night about his kitties. Let me say cat lovers are a rare breed, especially when they walk them on leashes! Anyway, Stewie had another dressage school today, and my good friend Pooh and I watched him strut his stuff! After watching Stewie, Boyd jumped Freddie, a young horse Chuck and I own, and my student Andrea's horse Pilgrim. Both have had better days, but came out good in the end!

I also helped Pooh and Maxine school xc today, which went really well. Pooh's other horse Chumley jumped great, but was also a bit of a hand full! Tomorrow will be better, as all the horses appeared quite sleepy this afternoon. We are heading out on the xc course again, and then off to go shopping in Aiken. Just don't tell my husband, he thinks I am working!

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