Monday, February 14, 2011

Pine Top

Pine Top was a success! Stewie was 6th in the OI, and was super all weekend. Bo ended up 6th in the OP, and Maxine was 9th in her first training out east. Andrea had a bit of trouble off the bank on the xc, but had major improvements in the show jumping. New student Cindy Deporter had a great show too, and ended up 5th. It was so much fun to be back out at a horse show, and the weather was sunny! A nice change from the winter everyone has had. I am now back at home, and so happy to see Chuck. He surprised me with having Hailey's room all set up with her new crib and changing table. A perfect Valentine Day's gift. This weekend a bunch of students and I head to the Pipe Opener at CHP, and then I am back to Pine Top to watch Stewie in the advanced. Bo will be there too, this time in the OI. Here are few pics of Stewie before xc.

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