Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We all had a much better day in Aiken!

All the horses were much more cooperative today. Maxine and Pooh had great jump schools, and Freddie completely redeemed himself from yesterday by jumping well and going xc for the first time. Stewie did a dressage school this morning, and I am watching Boyd jump him with Phillip tomorrow. Friday we are headed to Pine Top, and I am anxiously awaiting the first show of the year. I think I feel this way as a result of sitting on the sidelines. This is new and foreign to me, so watching my horses go is something I am looking forward too! I am thankful for the great help I have right now with Maxine and Kelly, it makes all the difference to have pleasant and hard working people with you!! I cannot thank them enough! These pics are of Pooh and Freddie and their awesome xc go. Thanks Pooh!

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